about us
The Hot Furniture Company is run by partners Nord Idessane and Darren Robertson. With 20 years experience in the wood burning stove business, we pride ourselves on being able to find the stove that complements your home, on being able to design and install properly, allowing the stove to then function efficiently to heat your space.

We will also show you how to get the best results from your stove, and offer follow-up maintenance/servicing whenever your require it.

Of course you may wish to fit the stove yourself or hire your own fitters, so we are happy to supply stoves on a retail-only basis, and can offer advice on how best to go about the installation.

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We are based at 8 Straiton Business Parc, Straiton View, Loanhead.
Opening hours are Tuesday to Saturday, 10-5. Alternatively, we are happy to visit you in your home where we can advise you on the best stove for your room. Moreover, we can accommodate a by appointment consultation should there be a particular time that is more convenient.

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Call us on 0131 440 2003 or drop us an email using our contact form

the economy of wood

For your pocket
A wood burning stove gives you fuel flexibility. There are times when it may not be necessary to fire up the boiler but you need an bit of extra warmth in your sitting room, your kitchen, your home office or wherever you want to be. Add a wood burning stove to your room and you can introduce heat whenever you need it, without adding to your gas or oil bill. A stove placed in a core area in your home can also let the natural process of air movement heat other areas, as the warm air moves room to room.
For the environment
The process of burning wood in a stove is deemed to be carbon neutral as the co2 produced within a clean burning stove is introduced, in the same amount, into the atmosphere as it would rotting on the forest floor.

the beauty of a stove

Get the look
When you consult with us to choose a stove you can be guaranteed that we will take as much time thinking about the design of your unit as its functionality, as well as the composition of the fireplace that it will sit within. Take a look at our product section above, where you will see a small selection of the amazing portfolio of stoves on offer.
Get the warmth
When the wind is blowing and the snow is falling there is no where you'd rather be than curled up in front of our own wood burning stove. In Scotland, autumn is arriving sooner and winter staying longer than ever before, as well as it being generally damp, cold and miserable all year round, so having that warmth at your fingertips, fuelled by a sustainable and environmentally sound material makes perfect sense. As a species, we homo sapiens need fire!