Insert stoves
Hwam I 30 Series
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The HWAM I 30 Series are stylish and functional insert stoves of the utmost intelligence. The large glass pane can be opened upwards in a single, elegant sliding motion, and in spite of its size, it can be opened with just one hand. Not only is it user-friendly and pleasing to the eye, but the motion also creates a partial vacuum that minimises the risk of ash escaping into the room.

With the glass pane up, there is unobstructed access to the deep combustion chamber, where the firewood lies safely and stably in place. If the glass pane is in need of a quick cleaning, it can be removed with a simple snap, tilted up and cleaned without any hassle.

Nestor Martin IQ13
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The pinnacle of wood burning technology these inserts offer a new level of performance. Crafted in Belgium by the European leader in home heating technology, the insert range is the result of uncompromising engineering and over 150 years of experience.

Their ancestral tradition as cast iron founders has always been coupled with a spirit of technological innovation, and every Nestor Martin appliance carries with it a technical expertise and an integrity which is unrivalled. Our insert fireplace offers your home tremendous heat without loosing any room space. Its imposing lines give it enduring style, making it a distinguished centrepiece for hearth and home.

Nestor Martin IQ33
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The IQ33 packs a mighty 9kW heat output making it suitable for those larger rooms. Available with four frame options, the IQ33 is sure to match the style of your fireplace to give you exactly the look you want.

Wiking Optic Insert
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The Optic is an irresistibly contemporary, deceptively efficient, woodburning insert

With a heating capacity of between 4 - 9 kW, this practical stove will easily heat a medium sized room (150 cubic metres in a house with good insulation).